he was only missing for 15 hours and now he is FILTHY

I’m going to bath him

he is enthusiastically ingesting some tuna and purring a lot

that cat is seriously the one thing I love most in this cruel world

to put love into something to dumb is scary

Found the dummy. He was on a neighbor’s porch meowing up a lil storm.

Imagine Homeward Bound but it’s just Bumble.

Anonymous asked: don't lose hope! our inside cat went missing for 5 days once but he found his way home safe and sound, if not a little bit grumpy :)

He’s such a dumb idiot though :(

Anonymous asked: how long has bumble been gone?? last year my cat was missing for almost 4 days but thankfully she found her way back so maybe don't worry too much yet?? i hope bumble is safe and ok

He has been missing for about 12 hours :(

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I saw Bumble last night when I got home at 11:30 and then Morgan went to bed and Shannon moved her car. I think that he got out when Shannon did that because I went to get the door for Ian at around 12:30 and he wasn’t there. I thought he might have been missing last night but it was 1:00am and he could have easily been in Morgan’s room or under the bed t something. We confirmed he was missing at 7 this morning. I activated his microchip but that will only help if someone finds him and turns him into a shelter.

But I have work right now and I can’t do anything.


Bumble is missing.

I met the Blue Angels tonight and they asked to take a picture with ME

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I have work at 3:30