I…don’t wear swimsuits?

Like, clearly I wear something when I go swimming but usually it’s like a t-shirt and shorts or something

It’s not because I’m not confident in my body
It’s not because I don’t think swinsuits are apropriate
I just…I don’t know!

swim suits are really cute! They’re adorable!

I guess I’m just really old fashioned and don’t feel like I should be revealing that much of my body to people I’m not in a relationship with/are not my doctor

Like, I wouldn’t walk around in my underwear

I don’t know!

I’m fully aware that today’s standards of modesty are totally down with bikinis and stuff, and so am I just not on me

maybe I read to many books set in the Victorian era when I was little 

and I don’t think less of other people because they wear swim suits god could you imagine that would be so dumb 

I just

I don’t know

this is weird

I’ve never talked about this before


  1. starrby said: I wear a bikini top, sometimes with a shirt, and boys swim trunks.
  2. reganfoley said: I feel the same way. I honestly thought I was the only one. Even my mother gets mad when I don’t want to wear one.
  3. transgeorgia said: Gosh I thought I was the only one
  4. ewwsam said: i feel the same way. i always feel weirdly exposed. that’s why i love my tankini. also some swimsuit stores will sell little swimsuit skirts to go over bikini bottoms so that’s a plus.
  5. evanedinger said: love youuuu
  6. itsvondell said: I know what you mean! I’ve always thought that that was weird about swimsuits. like, a lot of swimsuits are way MORE revealing than just walking around in underwear would be. and people just do it all the time in public whenever. It’s a weird thing.
  7. charizardchar said: you could get a cute tankini swim suit with a little skirt! that’s what I have and it’s not for the same reason but it does cover much more!
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