I was updating the collabrakadabra playlists and as I put lloyd’s birthday video in the 2012 birthday playlist I started tearing up and then full on crying because I am so blessed so fortunate so god damn lucky to have stumbled upon four amazing wonderful kind limitlessly talented people who get along with me and with each other so well and who want to create things every week every friggin week you know how difficult that is? what kind of commitment it is to say “I am going to create something every single week” even with kadets it’s really hard! and we are not getting paid for this! it is not as if we are one of those channels who gets paid for content no no we choose of our own free will to do this and even though we’re not perfect at it I am so god damn proud of all of us for being us and doing what we have done! and we all have our own vlogging styles all of us are pretty different in the way that we choose to make our videos but somehow it works really well and holy crow I fucking love you Adam Harry Lloyd and Nancy like a lot like so so much you have no idea thank you for being you

  1. battledad said: I’M…..SO…..HAPPY………..
  2. uscongress said: SONNET I love you and when I see you at Vidcon I am going to give you THE BIGGEST HUG! :)
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