The level of…idk misinformation/changing stories surrounding my uterine lesions is fucking terrifying? Some doctors are like “this is a huge deal” and some doctors are like “no biggie!” 

who do I listen to?

and I was told that I had to decide between getting the procedure and not getting the procedure

if I get the procedure, it might turn out that I didn’t have to get it or I might have a relapse and need to get it again thus increasing the chances of not having kids further

if I don’t get the procedure and just keep an eye on things I might clear it or I might get fucking cancer

and I have to be the one to choose what happens

I don’t feel qualified  
I don’t know what’s going on

  1. imlostinstereo said: I would get as many second opinions as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and for statistics.
  2. uscongress said: i’m sorry sonnet; that is so scary. but my mom works in healthcare and i know that she would tell each doctor what the other one said and don’t be scared to express your frustration with their varying advice.
  3. treaclefudge said: Hey my dad is a great OB who deals with this stuff all the time, let me know if you want his opinion. And hang in their girl, I can’t imagine what you’re going through. But you will get through it :)
  4. mach712 said: I’m so sorry, that’s a horrible position to be in. I mean, if you want an opinion, if it’s just not being able to have kids, that wont potentially kill you.
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